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Energy Pioneer Award launches for Oxfordshire businesses to prove their commitment to environmental sustainability

Oxfordshire businesses can now prove their commitment to the environment with the Energy Pioneer Award – awarded by Energy Solutions Oxfordshire

Buildings represent 19% of carbon emissions in the UK – but, this can be vastly reduced by improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, including our offices and workplaces.

This week Energy Solutions Oxfordshire have launched their Energy Pioneer Award. The Award exists to recognise pioneering businesses working to improve energy efficiency in their premises and reduce their carbon emissions, offering a way for organisations to demonstrate their climate commitment.

With consumers more ethically-minded than ever, often making purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental and social impact profile, it’s increasingly important that organisations can demonstrate their values and efforts in these areas – and the Energy Pioneer Award is a clear signalling tool to support with this.

How can businesses achieve the Energy Pioneer Award?

Any organisation which is actively working with Energy Solutions Oxfordshire to improve their energy efficiency becomes eligible for the Energy Pioneer Award and will be invited to apply.

At this point, they’ll have a short interview with a member of our team to explore the organisation’s progress across our 8 criteria sections. If sufficient criteria are met then the organisation will be presented with the appropriate level of the Award – as well as feedback and advice on how to continue improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions to move up to the next level.

As part of the Award, organisations will be free to use the Award badge on their website and other marketing channels, as well as receiving a printed certificate and window sticker for use at their premises – helping them to shout about their sustainability achievements to staff, customers, and visitors.

For more information on the Award and criteria, head to our website where you can download the full guidance booklet:

The first step is to find out what’s possible for your organisation by filling in a short, online survey to receive an initial free Desktop Diagnosis Report:

If you’d like to find out more or speak to a member of our team before you get started, you can get in touch on

Who are Energy Solutions Oxfordshire?

Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx) is a one-stop energy efficiency service, making it easy for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Oxfordshire to undertake energy efficiency improvements to make savings on their energy bills, reduce their carbon emissions, and improve the comfort of their buildings for staff or customers. 

We look after the whole process of workplace energy efficiency: planning, project management, finding trustworthy contractors, checking quality. Plus, we always aim to remove financial risk by ensuring that every project has a funding schedule that can be part or fully funded from the cost savings made on reduced energy bills

ESOx is funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy through their Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency (BASEE) competition. The service is being developed by EnergyPro Ltd, the Low Carbon Hub, and the Environmental Information Exchange team at Oxford Brookes University.

Contact information

For further information, imagery, and interview opportunities please contact Tabitha Whiting, Marketing & Communications Manager at the Low Carbon Hub – responsible for Energy Solutions Oxfordshire on



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