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Empowering members at the heart of Chamber’s new strategy

As part of its ongoing strategy to empower members, whilst providing greater choice and flexibility, the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has revitalised its membership tiers. The fifth largest accredited Chamber in the UK, Thames Valley is one of the biggest providers of international trade documentation and facilitation in the network.

Companies will now have the choice of a membership package that is right for their business depending on their goals and needs, not on number of employees, which has been the approach historically. The established Global and Business Alliance tiers remain unchanged but will be bolstered by new products and services.

Paul Britton, CEO at the Chamber commented:

“Our new approach means we will be adding greater value to our membership, building on our success as the leading voice for business in the region, and growing the number of companies trading internationally by equipping them with the knowledge, connections and confidence to do so.

“It is incredibly exciting to be leading the Chamber during this time. Many of our counterparts, who have adopted the ‘choice based’ approach, highlighted the way it has attracted greater diversity and created greater opportunities for like-minded businesses.

“The transition between the old and new tiers has been fully revitalised with exciting new identities – namely Connect, Discover, Inspire, and Lead. Each has a comprehensive range of benefits added to their individual portfolio with flexibility key to our new approach.

“Across the whole of the UK, the Chamber network is growing, and continues to play a vital role in business support, providing the best possible platform for companies of all sizes to work together for the mutual benefit of local, regional and global interests.

“At the heart of our work is our mantra “Local Engagement, Regional Representation and Global Opportunity”. Each new tier can be further enhanced with our global membership, which provides bespoke solutions and services through our International Trade Services experts, to help aspiring and established business grow on a global stage.

“We will be working with our members to continuously improve our offering throughout 2020 and beyond.”

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