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Apostille service

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

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What is an apostille?

Apostille is carried out by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office in the UK. It is the authentication of a signature, seal or stamp appearing on a public or trade related document for use in another country. The FCDO will authenticate the signature of an official body such as the Chamber of Commerce.

When is it needed?

Documents for use in one of the signatory countries to the Hague Convention require an Apostille from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, rather than being legalised by the relevant Embassy.

Embassy legalisation

What is an embassy document and when is it used?

Dealing with countries overseas often requires getting your documents legalised by the relevant Embassies. The legalisation of a document is performed by an embassy, after the documentation has been certified by the Chamber or any other official body.

We can assist with getting this process carried out for any country that have their own specific requirements.

For certain countries, it is a requirement that other documents that go alongside your shipment (such as health certificates, free sale documents etc) are legalised as well.

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