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Electromech EV designs, develops and manufactures its own charge points

Putting UK manufacturing at the heart of a CO2 neutral technology landscape, Electromech EV has designed, developed, and manufactured its own charge points in the UK, using UK/EU components, to address pain points such as availability, reliability, and accessibility of public charge points.

Everyone wants to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and global warming, but it is difficult for the average person to feel empowered to help.  Moving from an Internal Combustion Engine powered car to a battery powered Electric Vehicle is one way, but charging Infrastructure is the key.

As electric vehicle (EV) sales increase, the infrastructure must be addressed to meet the demands for charging vehicles both commercially and domestically. Currently the UK has approximately 35,000 chargers (July 2022) with Government projections requiring 300,000 to 500,000 to be installed by 2030. With the expectation that there will be approximately 10 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030 in the UK, this places a significant demand for the charging infrastructure to be in place.

CTO Rob Cottingham commented “We have listened to the market and have integrated a robust, reliable and open to all contactless payment system whilst still supporting the need for mobile charging applications and we have made the system available to other EV charging operators and manufacturers.”

Electromech EV solutions include supplying solar generation and storage technology, together with renewable energy provision that together drastically reduces carbon footprint and grid dependency. The company offers solutions for business parks, local authorities, car parks, transport hubs, leisure, hospitality, agricultural, remote locations, and domestic use.

Sales Director, Dave Parker, said “The technology landscape is changing and together with our partners, Electromech EV will change with it to always offer the best E-mobility and energy solutions to its clients. We understand ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), and work through existing partnerships to increase knowledge and promote ESG related technology.”

Paul Boxall, MD commented “We are excited to be on this journey to help the government achieve the EV infrastructure goals over the next few years by utilising UK manufacturing. It is a huge challenge, but in collaboration with partners and end users we will help the UK achieve its target.”

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