24th June 2021

The Eco Rewards scheme, designed to encourage greener forms of travel across the borough, has seen growing participation from students in trial schools, with 100,000 green miles reported since the scheme was introduced.

Around 75% of those responding to a recent scheme survey have changed to more active and green travel including walking, cycling and public transport. Around 1,250 people have participated to date, with approximately 500 green journey reports each day and saving over 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide so far. A growing number of residents have also joined the scheme, using either their e+ card or Eco Rewards smart tag.

The scheme has rolled out to include 8 schools in 10 locations, now reaching 2,000 active users. Prize draws worth over £1,500 and vouchers for online retailers are being awarded to pupils to encourage participation.

Cllr Chris Turrell, Executive Member for Planning and Transport, said: “This scheme is proving very popular in our early adopter schools, who have embraced the opportunity to encourage students and their families to make green journeys.

As a council and community, we must work to respond to the climate emergency in every area of our lives. This is just one of the ways we are encouraging people to be more environmentally friendly and responsible.”

If you would like to get involved, Eco Rewards smart tags are available from:

  • participating schools
  • the Spar in Binfield Road
  • Stop & Shop near Harmans Water
  • Bas Books in Princess Square
  • Londis in Great Hollands 

The scheme is also open to businesses to participate and offers incentives to participating school communities.

Note: the above statistics and data are based on membership survey in May 2021 and analysis of anonymous data from participants in Bracknell.