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ECC wins over £70k compensation for Stanwick timeshare victim

Local Henley firm and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce members European Consumer Claims (ECC) had some very good news for one Northamptonshire man this Easter.

Wellingborough native Donald K (name changed) was overjoyed to receive the result that he had been waiting for from ECC:  His claim against Marriott Vacation Club International had been successful and he had been awarded just under £71,000.

“Like most of our clients, Donald has gone from a position of being trapped paying uncapped maintenance fees for an unwanted timeshare, to being free from the membership, explains Andrew Cooper, CEO of ECC.  “For most clients the legal obligation to pay expensive annual costs for something they no longer want is their main motivation for getting in touch with us.

“To then be told he has been awarded this huge sum of money on top of the membership being declared void is obviously a life changing bonus.  It is the part of our work that ECC’s staff love most:  giving this type and level of good news to our clients.”

Easter is generally a quieter time for timeshare claims due to the Spanish courts being closed over the holidays, however ECC still achieved almost a third of a million pounds worth of compensation victories this month.

The award tally for April was an impressive £328,467 shared between 25 recipients.  CLC World accounted for £203,392 of that total.  Marriott was second highest with £103,923, followed by Anfi who had £69,481 awarded against them.

2023 promises to be a significant year for timeshare compensation awards.

“The awards are getting bigger, and more numerous, explains Cooper.  “Judges, particularly in Spain are overtly punishing timeshare companies for ignoring consumer laws.

“Our success rate in timeshare cases is currently 98.6% and our clients couldn’t be happier.”

To find out more, get in touch with our team for a confidential assessment.

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