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eATA Carnet Pilot Project

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a new pilot project available for members. Building on ATA carnets, an international Customs document which allows the temporary movement of certain goods, the trial is introducing eATA, a digital alternative.

The eATA Carnet project will digitalise the entire ATA carnet process, from issuance and declarations to transactions and claims. The pilot is running in order to validate the digital ATA carnet concept, as well as demonstrate the efficiency that carrying out the ATA carnet lifecycle management electronically can provide. Predominately it will facilitate the transactions from a paper-based document to a digital one.

ICC first developed its eATA concept in 2016. With the support of the World Customs Organization, a pilot project was launched to move from academic research to development and implementation. A brand-new ATA Carnet system has now been developed, comprising various digital tools tailored for a range of stakeholders.

These eATA tools include:

  • A smartphone application, the ATA Carnet app, enabling Carnet holders to carry and declare digital versions of their customs documents
  • The ATA Carnet Customs Portal, enabling customs officers to verify Carnets and approve digitally declared transactions.

The pilot will involve processing of both the paper and digital Carnet in tandem (the digital Carnet will only be processed if both the port of departure and port of arrival are participating in the pilot).


How do you get involved?

  1. Register your interest with us by emailing your full contact details to
  2. Register to use E-Carnet System – Organisations participating in the pilot will be required to use our e-carnet system.  To register click here.
  3. Find out how to use the digital e-ATA Carnet. The ATA Carnet app allows carnet holders to download and store the carnet onto a smartphone with all the details required to make the necessary declarations when passing through customs and to obtain real-time transaction confirmation.  Click here for a user guide

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