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World Mental Health Day 2020 #DoOneThing Charity Mind campaign

#DoOneThing is the charity MIND’s campaign, running this month to build awareness of World Mental Health Day which was on Saturday 10th October.

Oyster Outcomes, a Berkshire based consulting firm, which also supplies Strategic Mental Health and Wellbeing Solutions, including mental health first aid training, showed support for #DoOneThing. This included a children’s yoga session which underlines the importance Youth Mental Health, with instruction supplied by Fotini Wellbeing. Oyster Outcomes also shared mental health statistics and proactive ideas on wellbeing every day in the run up to World Mental Health Day on local Facebook Group, Ascot People, to bring mental ill health to the forefront of the community.

Mind’s research into the impact of CV-19 on mental health, states that, from a pool of 16,000, 60% of adults and 68% of young people said their mental health had got worse during lockdown. Many have developed new mental health problems because of the pandemic, and for some, existing mental health problems have gotten worse. 

Research by Deloitte states there’s a £5 ROI for every £1 spent by businesses on mental health first aid training, in the reduction of staff absence, turnover, and presenteeism. This increases to between £9-£11 return on investment if training is delivered as part of a holistic wellbeing strategy.

Oyster Outcomes Ltd is part of a supportive network, enabling staff to feel well and bring their best to their jobs by growing the number of MHFA in the workplace. They offer courses approved by MHFA England and i-act, so you have a choice over which course suits you best. They offer open courses for individuals, available on pre-set dates (and are currently advertising dates for November) and whole organisation / team courses for 12-16 delegates. They offer courses aimed at Adult and at Youth Mental Health, which are delivered online. They also offer the Mental Health Aware course, for people wanting to find out more about mental health and break the stigma surrounding the topic.

Oyster Outcomes’ Owner, Felicity Gasparro says  “We had a great response to our daily posts, with a strong level of engagement by the local community. People’s #DoOneThing ranged from spending time with family playing board games, doing some charity work, making a phone call they’d been putting off, or taking some exercise. When people are at a low ebb, even something as simple as washing up or putting the bins out can be an achievement – this was the post which received the highest level of interest. Our team took part in various activities on World Mental Health Day to raise awareness of the importance of mental health awareness including completing a 12 mile canoe route, posting activities and poems on social media, and of course, the children’s yoga session, supported by Fotini Wellbeing.”

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Members can claim a 10% discount on spaces taken on Mental Health courses in November 2020. Contact for more details.

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