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Chamber notarial

When doing business anywhere around the world, you may be required to get documents, transactions or facts legally authenticated.

You will then need the services of a specialist lawyer, known as a Notary Public, in order to get the authenticity of these documents, facts or transactions legally guaranteed.

Because the signature and seal of a Notary are recognized in most countries of the world, this means that documents bearing the Notary’s seal and signature will meet the requirements of government departments, corporations or individuals virtually anywhere.

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has a strategic partner, Sarah McLoughlin Notary Public, in order to provide members with a convenient way of obtaining legal authentication services.

For further information on how to get documents notarized through the Chamber, contact the International Trade Team on 01753 870560, or email by clicking here.

Examples of commercial transactions in which you might need the services of a Notary Public include:

  • Setting up a company abroad
  • Appointing agents to represent your business overseas
  • Appointing lawyers to act for your business overseas
  • Executing other power of attorney documents for use overseas
  • Proving the status of your company to satisfy overseas governments or regulators
  • Submitting tender documents in overseas markets
  • Authenticating documents for company staff to satisfy overseas authorities
  • Registering or renewing patents or trade marks to protect intellectual property overseas
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