18th June 2020

A new initiative from Bracknell Forest Council wants to capitalise on the behavioural shift that has come about as a result of the pandemic lockdown. With more people walking and cycling and less cars on the road there has been a marked improvement in air quality, not just in Bracknell but all around the globe.

The Eco Rewards Trial, supported by Bracknell Forest Council and Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster, will incentivise residents to maintain green travel and healthy lifestyle choices. Employers in Bracknell can also encourage their staff and customers to participate, and will be listed as supporting the scheme.

Eagle eyed residents may have already spotted some of the Eco Rewards blue boxes appearing around Bracknell. Participants in the scheme register online and record their journey choices by tapping their smart tags, rail smartcard or existing Bracknell e+ cards on the Eco Rewards blue readers. Green journeys can also be recorded via an online form. Over time, participants will see their carbon savings grow, both as an individual and as a member of the community or business.

Businesses can be provided with smart tags to give to employees if they walk, cycle, lift-share, partly work from home or take bus or train. Alternatively, a list of unique IDs can be provided, so employees can self-report green journeys whether travelling to work or for leisure.

The scheme is free to businesses during the trial and for the first 10, 000 participants and there are prize draws, retailer discounts and cashback.

For more information and to join go to or contact