15th October 2021

I.T.S. are one of the UK’s fastest-growing flavour houses and have made a real mark in the flavoured milk market. I.T.S. has developed a large range of natural flavourings that work perfectly in pasteurised milk products and UHT treated milk products.

The Berkshire based company have now commissioned a high-quality UHT Pilot Plant at their facility in Newbury.  The UHT plant will not only make sure all their flavourings have been fully UHT tested, but also offers the opportunity for customers to run trials alongside I.T.S. using the machine.

This gives customers peace of mind that the flavours they receive will survive the UHT process and be ready for use in development and production. Often flavours can lose their impact or gain metallic notes through the UHT process, so it is important to know the flavourings can survive the extreme heat treatment.

Briony Rideout, Dairy and Beverage Innovation Specialist at I.T.S. says “It’s another step towards making our customers’ lives easier. When they receive flavours from us they can relax, knowing the flavours don’t need any further testing or UHT trials.”

It’s this focus on customer satisfaction that is helping I.T.S. gain so much momentum. Mike Bagshaw, Owner and Founder of I.T.S explains “For us, it’s all about making our customers happy. If they are happy, we are happy. We build the business based purely on the needs of our customers and how best we can accommodate them”.

The new UHT Pilot Plant stands alongside the already impressive range of facilities at I.T.S. – a BRC AA graded liquid and powder flavour factory, industrial test bakery, bottling machines, spray drying facilities and a top of the range innovation suite.

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