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BC SoftWear respond to customer demand for face masks

Family run business BC SoftWear have been supplying luxury towels, bathrobes and footwear to the hospitality sector for almost 20 years. The impact on Covid 19 has been understandably difficult, as so many customers were forced to close doors, but the company, who are agile, have developed a reputation for being able to respond quickly to customers needs.

So, it wasn’t long before a few customers were enquiring about the possibility for BC SoftWear to supply face masks. Following a quick customer survey to establish demand, the company pulled out all the stops to design and deliver a high quality and exceptional value face mask that their customers in the hotel, laundry and spa sectors could rely upon.

Made from 100% natural cotton, the washable mask is composed of three layers. The outer and inner layers are made of cotton with a protective synthetic fabric middle layer, which provides improved breathability and protection from moisture and droplets. This mask will help provide a level of air filtration and is pleated to help create a sculpted shape, with a soft wire to make it more comfortable and fitted to wear,  adjustable and elasticated ear loops and is a generous size. Please note that this mask is NOT a medical mask 

BC SoftWear has spent considerable time and investment in their company sustainability programme supported and endorsed by the launch of the new SmartSoft* energy saving range at the end of 2019. The company have been keen to ensure that they continue this important philosophy by providing masks that can be repeatedly washed and reused.

*SmartSoft is the collection of energy saving bathrobes, towels and spa linen designed by the company to provide sustainable, responsible and luxurious towelling products with 70% energy savings, (independently proven by the Laundry Technology Centre) to support the hospitality sector. For more information see website

For expert advice and more information regarding Thermal Disinfection for your towels and bathrobes, BC SoftWear has teamed up with laundry experts to provide helpful guidance and washing instructions to ensure the protection of your staff and your guests.

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