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B P Collins’ donations to local charities reach £100,000

B P Collins has donated another £10,000 to causes in Buckinghamshire through its Heart of Bucks’ stewardship fund. Now in its tenth year, the firm has now donated £100,000 in total to Buckinghamshire charities to date.

All staff at B P Collins were asked to choose their favourite charity from the five shortlisted, which aim to build stronger communities, provide better futures or create safer lives in the county – values that are embedded into the firm’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR). The chosen organisations are:

• Red Balloon Educational Trust (RBET), which provides a full-time educational and therapeutic recovery programme for young people (aged 11-18) unable to attend mainstream school due to bullying, mental ill-health and/or special educational needs. It receives £3,000.
• The Theatre Shed, which receives £2,000, is an inclusive arts charity based in the heart of Chesham and Amersham. Its inclusivity offers an inspiring alternative theatre representing young performers from different backgrounds, with different needs and disabilities. Through member-led performance opportunities, every young person develops social skills, builds self-esteem, gains knowledge and grows confidence in sharing their ideas.
• Wednesday Club Waddesdon, which provides a unique wellbeing contribution to the lives of the elderly in the community, their families, volunteers and staff. It meets every Wednesday to welcome older people for a day of companionship, mental and physical stimulation, good food, friendship and support. It receives £1,750.
• Talkback, which receives £1,250, provide opportunities for autistic individuals and people with a learning disability. Its goal is to support and empower individuals to experience personal growth, contribute to their local community, and live fulfilling lives.
• Heart and Soul Hub, which helps adults with mental health illness back into the community and coach them to gain employment, receives £1,000.

Gina Connell, B P Collins’ chief marketing officer, says: “These charities do a tremendous amount of work in helping to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities. We couldn’t be happier that our donations are going to these deserving charities and knowing the impact they will make. Thank you to all of our staff for taking the time to help us decide where the funding should be allocated.”

RBET’s Director of Education, Rob Watson comments on the where B P Collins’ funding will go: “The provision of specialist science equipment helps our curriculum come alive and inspires our learners. When they join us at Red Balloon, our learners typically have very low self-esteem and in particular, feel they have been rejected by mainstream education.

“We provide a space safe where they can rediscover their passion for learning and through that process experience personal satisfaction that creates well-being and self-worth. Being able to access the best resources and equipment not only enhances their learning, but helps them see that they are cared for and worth investing in.”

Another donor recipient, Heart and Soul Hub, describes the impact of B P Collins’ funding: “A massive thank you to B P Collins for its donation to Heart and Soul Hub. This grant will have a great impact on our organisation which will help to set up our workshop project. Adults suffering from mental health illness will build wooden garden accessories to help their recovery journey and reconnect with their community. We will sell these products in our community garden to help run the Mental Health Hub which We will also be giving employment coaching with ongoing support.”

Henry Allmand, Chief Executive of Heart of Bucks says: “It’s been Heart of Bucks’ honour to continue supporting the philanthropic efforts of B P Collins and its staff this year. Over the last 10-years, £100,000 has been awarded to local Buckinghamshire charities and community groups thanks to the B P Collins Fund. At a time when demand for support is greater than ever, this funding has ensured many essential services and programmes have been able to continue changing the lives of people across Buckinghamshire.”

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