23rd November 2020

Bucks based business CSR Accreditation have made a pledge to plant 6o trees in recognition of organisations who start their CSR Journey with them.

By taking an assessment survey, 3 organisations will be picked at random on the 15th December and 20 trees will be planted in their name (60 in total) through The Green Earth Appeal

Richard Collins, CSR-A Managing Director says “Social Responsibility allows you to enrich the quality of lives for all by investing in social value as an essential part of an organisations culture. This provides purpose and impact and will ensure a sustainable and profitable business.

It will help to build a better world for future generations by improving the environment and ensuring a cohesive community to live and work in – every organisation has a social responsibility story and we want to help them tell it”

Find out how socially responsible your business is by take the simple questionnaire to see if your organisation qualifies for a CSR Accreditation Mark.

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