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80% of small business owners seek growth and collaboration despite tough economic times

A recent quiz by Mastermind9 led to some fascinating revelations about the mindsets prevailing among small business owners in the UK.

Dubbed the Business Animal Quiz, crafted by Mastermind9, it sorted participants into four distinct categories: Lions, Dolphins, Eagles, and Elephants. The criteria for classification revolved around their inclination towards collaboration with external stakeholders and fellow business owners, as well as their eagerness to foster business expansion.

Out of a whooping 300 participants, it turns out that a resounding 80% are hungry for business growth and are highly interested in working with other stakeholders to propel their businesses forward.

This set of business owners, classified as lions, has found huge value in garnering feedback from fellow business owners and customers in their growth journey. They embrace the power of teamwork and are perpetually thirsty for knowledge, readily absorbing insights from others.

Interestingly, 49% of all participants confessed to their slow response to market changes in the industry, as compared to their more agile competitors. Another notable 39% of all participants maintain a positive outlook towards hurdles in business, viewing them as opportunities to learn and grow stronger.

In just two weeks since its debut, the quiz has captured the interest of over 300 business owners across the UK. The feedback has proven valuable, as numerous business owners have described the quiz as “an incredibly useful and enjoyable tool that provides insight into your business instincts.”

The Business Animal Quiz is the brainchild of Mastermind9, a husband-and-wife-led business that prides itself on delivering outstanding and highly personalised support, all focused on helping small business owners achieve their dreams. Mastermind9 brings together nine non-competing ambitious business owners with real-world experience under an NDA to use their combined skills to grow.

Peter Mols said, “The quiz has been on our mind for months, and we’re happy to finally share it with business owners. The overwhelming response has exceeded our expectations, and we’re already beginning to glean valuable insights. We encourage all business owners to take the quiz, discover their business animal, and importantly, utilise the information for their benefit.”

This quiz aims to equip business owners with actionable insights into their key strengths, areas for growth and even identify their celebrity counterparts.

With over a legion of participants already engaged, the quiz promises to unlock hidden potential and guide business owners on their journey to success.

As the quiz continues to attract business owners nationwide, some fascinating yet insightful insights are on the horizon.

If you haven’t had the chance to take our Business Animal Quiz, now is the perfect time to reveal your inner business animal.

Take Mastermind9’s Business Animal Quiz today to reveal your Business Animal and discover how understanding your instincts can unlock your full potential:

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