TVCC Business Manifesto 2019



We are the UK’s true turbo-economy; one of the most productive, high-growth and economically successful regions in the UK. Once again, the Thames Valley is the number one region outside of London for attracting foreign direct investment into the UK, and is consistently one of the country’s most active trading locations. Read the Thames Valley Inward Investment Results Report for 2017/2018 here.

At the end of 2017 we published our Business Manifesto, which sets out the key priorities that will be championed by the Chamber, and our membership, during 2018. The first of its kind to be launched, it was developed and fully supported by members and major organisations.

Six core pillars form the foundations of the current working programme and will also form the basis of the next Business Manifesto in 2019:


Each pillar includes performance measures to ensure we can report on our progress in delivering actions and outcomes. For 2018, we identified four main priorities to focus our work, namely to:

– Provide a business solution to securing the commitment, funding and delivery of the Western Rail Link to London Heathrow (WRLtH). 

– Maintain the momentum behind delivering the 3rd runway at London Heathrow. 

– Use our trade credentials to lobby Government to ensure it secures a business-friendly BREXIT for UK plc and safeguards the future interest of businesses exporting from and investing in the region.

– Identify, promote and showcase examples of best practice around how business and academia are investing in the region’s future workforce and fostering an entrepreneurial culture.


Business Manifesto Advisory Group (BMAG)

An invitation-only group drawn from our Business Alliance membership and sector/market specialists, the BMAG oversees and reviews progress against the framework of the Manifesto’s core pillars.

Chaired by an established and leading figure from business, the Group meets regularly and continues to attract senior figures, Government representatives and business leaders as speakers and contributors. Reflecting the main priorities, political agenda and associated momentum, the BMAG has the capacity to set-up a small number of topic-based task and finish working groups.


Western Rail Link to London Heathrow (WRLtH)

Drawing on the expertise and experience of senior infrastructure and engineering companies within membership, this working group is leading the Chamber’s engagement with Government, key stakeholders and other key partners associated with delivering the project. Providing an informed steer and project guidance, representatives of the group have met the Secretary of State, lobbied Government officials and their agencies, written to MPs and both mobilized and supported partners helping deliver the project.

Our current activities include mobilising partners (and seeking funding) to review the data and refresh the economic case; promoting the elevator-pitch to the project benefits; lobbing the BCC and other accredited Chambers across the South and South West of England and South Wales to pull together behind the project, and supporting our key partners (e.g. Thames Valley Berkshire LEP) to ensure a consistent, uniform approach is being taken.



November is Working! 

November has arrived and this month we are supporting Working Thames Valley which is one of the six core pillars from our Business Manifesto 2018.

This pillar supports upcoming events and our partnership with the Department of Education, providing leadership and showcasing exceptional businesses.

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