23rd November 2017

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC), the only accredited Chamber in the region and the fifth largest in the UK, has launched its first Business Manifesto. Developed and supported by major organisations and members, the 34-page document sets out the key priorities that will be championed by the Chamber on behalf of its strong business community over the coming 12 months. The importance of securing and maintaining its future as a true ‘turbo-economy’ and one of the most successful economic regions in the country is paramount to its success.

Six core pillars form the foundations of its future working programme: Influential; Global; Connected; Competitive; Working and Ambitious Thames Valley. Each will focus on a series of indicators from showcasing the region’s established technology sector and recognising and celebrating business excellence, to maintaining and building working relationships with strategic partners and Government departments.

An ongoing campaign for the timely delivery of the third runway at Heathrow and a business-led solution to the Western Rail Link also feature prominently. As one of the most important and competitive European regions for inward investment, work will continue with private and public-sector stakeholders to promote the Thames Valley.

Providing strong leadership and a unified voice for a business-driven agenda that includes lobbying Government to secure a business-friendly BREXIT for UK plc, safeguarding the future interest of businesses exporting and regional investment will all play a crucial role.

Launching the Manifesto Chamber CEO Paul Britton commented: “This is a significant and welcomed statement of intent and provides a clear message to Government about the importance of investing in our highly successful region. Reflecting on calls from our membership and in response to very significant shifts in the political landscape it sets out the challenges, opportunities and changes our members believe will successfully impact the region.

“The Manifesto shows a willingness by the business community to not only challenge but also engage Government and regional stakeholder in delivering sustained economic, social and environmental well-being. We encourage businesses, policymakers and organisations with civic responsibilities to get involved and help support the delivery of a more productive, attractive and competitive Thames Valley.”

Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), further added: “For the UK economy to prosper we must unlock the potential of place. Accredited Chambers of Commerce understand the benefit of building on the competitive advantages of our towns and counties, and bring together companies that are committed to improving the communities where they do business.

“Thames Valley Chamber’s manifesto is a testament to the forward-looking outlook and ambition of one of the UK’s most dynamic economic areas and all of us at the British Chambers of Commerce look forward to supporting TVCC throughout 2018 in delivering its goals.”