Programmes & Opportunities

Thames Valley offers many programmes and opportunities for young people to help them fulfil their potential.


Based in the beautiful waterside setting of Green Park, Reading, this free laboratory for schools offers state of the art equipment, intriguing experiments, and the chance to use innovative ideas to solve tasks and develop solutions. Covering key stages 2-5, it complements what the students learn at school and enables them to make their own unique discoveries.

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As an apprentice you will earn a salary, work alongside and learn on the job from experienced BT colleagues to gain job-specific skills. In addition, you will work towards a nationally recognised professional qualification. At BT our apprentice schemes means a permanent job with us. Anyone over 16, living in the UK and not in full-time education can apply for an apprenticeship.

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Education Business Partnership (EBP), a not-for-profit company, have been bringing businesses and young people together for over 25 years to inspire the future workforce. We help establish, design and deliver initiatives and programmes that bring employers and young people together, meeting businesses’ objectives and the needs of students. Check out our latest Hi-Tech Horizons project to inspire 50,000 students over the next 5 years.

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Skills for Business (S4B)

Skills for Business (S4B) is a two-year programme, part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) which runs until 31 March 2021. The S4B team will work alongside small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in evaluating and identifying their skills and learning goals. This can include signposting for training funding. Their expertise and knowledge includes support on: Apprenticeships (and the Apprenticeship Levy), Inclusive employment, Functional skills, Recruitment, Training providers, Work-based learning, Engaging with education.

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Heathrow is like a small city – dynamic, diverse, forward thinking –at the heart of the nation’s global connections, offering a world of opportunities. Through our emerging talent programmes, you can experience what it takes to operate one of the biggest and, busiest airports in the world. Whether you start as a Future Leader graduate on an 18-month rotational programme, a finance or procurement specialist, an engineer on route to chartership, or one of our interns specialising in a functional area, the opportunities at Heathrow are a platform to fast-track your development. This is all supported by a structured development plan to really help your career take off.

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