Professor Anthony Glees – Biography


  Professor Anthony Glees  

  University of Buckingham


Anthony Glees MA MPhil DPhil (Oxford) is Professor of Politics at the University of Buckingham and directs its Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS). BUCSIS is one of the largest such centres in Europe.

He was a student at St Catherine’s College, Oxford and then an associate and senior associate member of St Antony’s College.

He has a specialist concern with Security and Intelligence issues and has written and lectured on aspects of the history of British intelligence, on the Stasi, on Islamism, on terrorism and counter-terrorism, on subversion in western democracies both today and in the past.


Business Leaders’ Forum: Tuesday 17th April 2018

Professor Anthony Glees will discuss National Security at this Business Leaders’ Forum.

Is Britain so obsessed with attracting foreign investment that our national security is being compromised?

He will talk about cyber security and intelligence issues related in particular to the use of social media and explore the implications of a recent global switch in London to a foreign investor that effectively releases vast amounts of highly sensitive data.

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