Sustainability Working Group

The Thames Valley is one of the UK’s most successful, prominent regions. It is an IP-rich community that has helped drive one of the UK’s most productive economic regions. We, the business community, should do all we can to help protect the constituent parts and the economic and social fabric that has seen the region flourish. Through promoting best practice, showcasing, actions and leadership, we can support wider Government priorities across levelling-up and carbon neutral agendas.


In Partnership with EY, the Thames Valley Sustainability Working Group (SWG) is a business-led RoundTable with appetite and ambition from the region’s business community to collectively take action to leave tomorrow’s world in better health. The emphasis is on business collaboration in the region, collectively more can be achieved in the ‘race to zero’.

The SWG and subsequent Steering Groups have met to prioritise actions and develop consensus on a framework from which to share best practice, experience and expertise. 

Addressing climate change can create many opportunities in every business sector, with a sustained advantage for early adopters. The Thames Valley region is represented by a full spectrum of business. The region includes some of the world’s most famous global brands as well as sector specialists, high growth SMEs and University spinouts. All have rapidly changing perspectives on how to do business. They are all innovators and industry leading.

To find out more about the SWG, please contact Anna Gration.

SWG Member Area