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Showcasing innovative, insightful and valuable ideas from leading experts within the Thames Valley and beyond, our thought leadership page covers a broad spectrum of important topics relevant to the region’s business community.

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CityFibre – Putting collaboration at the heart of building a legacy, June 2022

At CityFibre we are playing a leading role in supporting the Government’s levelling up agenda through the rapid rollout of our Full Fibre digital infrastructure. To achieve this, we have pioneered new ways of working with our Build Partners; the construction groups we selected to help us scale our build. They’re the boots on the ground, enabling us to transform the digital landscape of the UK with symmetrical, gigabit speed connections that will benefit this generation and many more to come. By 2025, we will have connected up to 8 million homes to Full Fibre, across 285 towns, cities and villages, establishing a third national network for people to access.

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Imperial College Business School – How leaders can build the right environment for innovation, June 2022

If you want to innovate, you have to start with a little messiness. Some leaders think innovation will happen if they throw more resources at a problem, and others worry about the cost of change. But innovation is not a linear process. When we strip down innovation to its bare essentials, we see it’s about imagining the world as it could be (and not as it is). And imagining demands a different mindset. Get comfortable with chaos The first lesson for leaders who want to initiate change is to forget about order and predictability, and be prepared to embrace uncertainty and chaos. I often say to my students at Imperial: “A certain amount of chaos is part of the innovation equation – and needs to be factored in.”

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Broadleaf Global – The impact of bias on leadership, June 2022

In the workplace, discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping have rightly become the centre of our attention over the past few decades. Consequently, many initiatives, policies and guidelines have been produced, which have driven some positive changes for equality, diversity and inclusion within the world of work. Although much more needs to be done, there are some subtle behavioural levels of bias that sit underneath this, that are alive and well in all of us and influence how we show up. It’s more obscure because often these biases can serve us positively, but can also easily trip us up, often without our awareness. Any and all of these biases apply to leaders because we are all human. But what impact are these biases having on you and your organisation?

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EY – Does the need for energy security challenge the quest for net zero? June 2022

The need for renewable energy has never been stronger. Unprecedented volatility in the natural gas market and geopolitical shocks have sent world leaders rushing to diversify their nation’s energy mix and reduce their reliance on gas. With net-zero deadlines also inching closer, governments are keen to fill this supply gap with renewable energy. For that to happen, however, the renewables sector needs emerging technologies and markets to take a major leap forward. With gas prices sky high, the investment climate for renewables is becoming more attractive to developers in the short term, as the relative cost of new technologies is decreasing in relation to gas. An opportunity is clearly presenting itself for emerging green technologies to make the shift from niche market to mainstream.

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