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Showcasing innovative, insightful and valuable ideas from leading experts within the Thames Valley and beyond, our thought leadership page covers a broad spectrum of important topics relevant to the region’s business community.

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PwC – The tech of hybrid: How to plan, measure and maximise your transformation – Jan 2022

With the trend - and demand - for hybrid working set to continue, organisations are increasingly realising the need to create a successful, sustainable approach and agile hybrid strategy is essential. Technology has a critical role to play, from securing your data and your people in a distributed age, to providing the tools needed to continue collaborating and stay productive. But one area where many organisations have been slower to act and adapt is in the use of technology to plan their hybrid transformation, measure its ongoing success and identify any necessary interventions or changes in strategy.

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Marks & Clerk – Expanding frontiers of Intellectual Property Rights in Computer Games and Virtual Reality – Jan 2022

With the recent excitement around the “metaverse”, NFTs, and the market for “virtual products” heating up, it is a good time to take a closer look at the protection of brands in computer games and virtual reality environments, as well as art, film and other media more broadly. In particular, this author looks to explore what happens when artistic creations and “virtual” or “fictional” brands start a life of their own. The use of Trade Marks and other copyright material in creative works, such as art or film, and more lately, computer games and virtual reality applications has so far been a somewhat one-sided subject.

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EY – The CEO Imperative: Will bold strategies fuel market-leading growth? Jan 2022

New realities, new strategies: leading CEOs look beyond short-term pressures to invest in long-term value creation in 2022. Many companies are now laser-focused on transformation – embracing the changes initiated or accelerated by the pandemic. Given the huge scale of investments in 2021 M&A and organic measures, it’s clear that many companies are reshaping themselves to capture the upside of the economic rebound. Within this competitive context, CEOs not yet designing and delivering ambitious investment strategies for growth risk falling behind in the race to transform for a better future.

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Fusion finance – could private capital deliver energy’s holy grail? Jan 2022

A massive recent influx of private capital into fusion shows that the sector may finally be ready to deliver. An oft repeated line in the conversation around climate change is that there is no silver bullet to halt its impending threat. Such a multifaceted, complex problem requires change across almost every aspect of our civilisation, from the food that we eat, the homes we live in and the ways in which we travel. Nevertheless, a source of abundant, clean energy on demand – while perhaps not fixing all our planetary woes – would be a pretty good start.

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