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Winding back of restrictions on winding ups

The Government has announced that it will be bringing an end (of sorts) to the temporary restrictions surrounding a creditor’s ability to present a statutory demand and winding up petition against a corporate debtor. Those restrictions, which were introduced under the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 in a response to the Covid 19 pandemic, have been in place since June 2020 and were set to expire on 30 September 2021.

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Rural Accountancy Group (RAG) Survey 2021

James Cowper Kreston’s Rural Accountancy Group (RAG) recently conducted a survey of its member firms. With over 250 respondents they were able to analyse and build a picture of the position many farming clients and families are currently in across the UK. The results demonstrated that the vast majority of UK farmers consider the future of subsidies as a top concern, with 79 respondents ranking it the number one concern at the current time.

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Diversity and Inclusion at Blake Morgan

We live, as the Chinese curse says, in “interesting times” but I relish the challenge and opportunities that they bring for me, the firm and our wider community. We now know that we can change the way we work much faster than we ever thought possible and we have a better chance than ever to make our business truly diverse. Diversity and inclusion should drive everything we do. We know that, apart from being good business sense, it’s just “right”. So how do we make sure that it can and does?

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BCC assesses impact of Brexit and looks at next steps on the way forward. By British Chambers of Commerce, July 2021

The BCC addresses the reality of Brexit's impact on businesses in this article, highlighting the inconsistency in the way customs rules are applied on arrival, as well as the costs that occur due to these change. The BCC's Trade Confidence Outlook for the first quarter of 2021 found that 41% of almost 3,000 responding companies said export sales had fallen, naming the pandemic and new UK-EU trading terms as drivers. The article addresses four ideas to minimise costs and checks for businesses to rebuild the UK-EU trade gap back better.

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