The Voice of Business in the Thames Valley is evolving

We are evolving to provide greater choice and flexibility and help members get the most from the Chambers tried and tested services and benefits.

In the past businesses joined and paid membership fees primarily based on the number of employees in their organisations.  From Jan 6th 2020 members will have the power to choose the solutions and services that make sense for them based on what they value most.

Each member will be empowered to select the most appropriate level to reflect the needs of their organisation, whether that is primarily to network locally, represent sector interests or to find new customers in markets across the globe.  This means greater choice, as our members benefit from new investment in solutions, services and opportunities.

Our premier Business Alliance membership will continue to empower organisations to champion for real change.

Whilst the established Global membership helps businesses achieve their international potential.


Entry level membership for businesses looking to network locally.

Profile raising and support for growing companies.

Empowering organisations to champion for real change.

Providing established businesses with region wide opportunities to inspire.

Leaders in established businesses sharing best practice and insights.

Helping businesses to achieve their international potential.