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Contact: Rolf Woodward
Free Domain exposure analysis report
Offer expires: 08/31/2024

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At Command-R, we take cybersecurity posture very seriously and we continually seek out best practice approaches to further secure our clients.

As you know, email is a critical part of a business operation but what you may not know is it has a historical security flaw that enables cybers-criminals to send an email directly from your domain without even accessing your mailbox. This problem is commonly known as Email Impersonation or Spoofing and is the start of almost 70% of online cybercrime, breaches and fraud.

We have partnered with Sendmarc to help our customers achieve protection against impersonation through the implementation of a global security standard called DMARC.

Here is a brief video on the problems that DMARC will solve – How DMARC works

We can conduct a no-charge analysis on your domain which will require a minor update to your DNS to be implemented. The update will have no impact on your infrastructure or email flow and will produce an Exposure Analysis which we will share with you. If you do wish to participate in the free analysis of your domain, please contacts us at and we can arrange for the setup to be performed.

We look forward to you participating in this Analysis phase, so we can help you ensure your business is secure.

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