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Reading and Wokingham

Reading is listed as one of the highest performing cities and forecast to be the fastest-growing city in the UK with 2.2% GVA growth per year from 2018-2021. The region is a magnet for many international companies, attracted by the location and the excellent business facilities available. Reading has become a vibrant hub of digital technology companies ranging in size from large multinational firms, to smaller tech start-ups. The region also hosts the University of Reading which is ranked among the top 10 universities worldwide. 

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Reading & Wokingham Local Chamber Advisory Group (LCAG)

The LCAGs are the local representative bodies of TVCC, providing a forum for the elected members to meet and discuss local policy issues. Working with key stakeholders across the Thames Valley region, each of the individual LCAGs has their own local policy priority statements (LPPS), which have been developed by the Groups in consultation with their members. These documents reflect the policy issues affecting the respective areas and the focus for the LCAGs in working to help address and resolve them as an active voice for the business community.

Read Reading & Wokingham’s 2021 Local Policy Priority Statement.

Reading has a strong and well-connected business community, with its ease of access to London and the rest of the country creating a legacy of well-known firms over the last 40 years. The Reading & Wokingham LCAG members and I are working to promote the sector and market strengths of the region and ensure that  it continues to receive appropriate financial injections to strengthen local infrastructure and secure the future success of the region.”

Marcus Johnson, President 

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