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The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group’s policy department campaigns regionally and nationally on behalf of businesses of all sizes, exerting powerful influence on government with the aim of creating a more favourable business environment. Working with key stakeholders in across the Thames Valley region each of our seven individual Chambers have their own aims and objectives document, which is compiled and updated by an elected Council of business people from each local Chamber. These documents reflect the issues that the businesses in that particular area are facing and the way in which the local Chamber is working to resolve them.

Local Chamber Councils are a group of local businesses representing different sectors that contribute to local and regional representation, reflecting the Chamber’s strategic priorities and lobbying for the right environment that creates prosperity and growth, whether in the Thames Valley, the UK or internationally.

Reading and Wokingham Chamber of Commerce

Reading is the largest town in the South-East and has been a magnet for many international companies in recent years, attracted by the central location and the excellent business facilities available. As with much of the Thames Valley, the business landscape is dominated by the service industry in Reading, far from its manufacturing heritage of beer, biscuits and bulbs. It is also a retail hub and will remain so as development work to continues to improve Reading’s retail prospects. Reading and Wokingham Chamber is the oldest in the Thames Valley Group, with a continued presence in Reading since 1903. The main policy concerns for members are transport, planning, crime and skills shortages.

In Wokingham, the Chamber focuses each year on a number of key issues that impact on the economic well-being of the area. There are many changes taking place in Wokingham Borough – the town centre regeneration is at the forefront, as well as the railway station replacement and the proposed redevelopment of St. Crispin’s School. Major investment is also planned to give Berkshire a high speed broadband network. The goals are to campaign for policies that improve the business climate; promote the economic development of Wokingham Borough in partnership with the local authority and to develop coalitions with organisations that build better business communities.

Made in Reading & Wokingham

If your business is ‘Made in Reading and Wokingham’ we want to hear more!

With such a diverse range of exciting, innovative and entrepreneurial organisations, the Chamber is taking the lead on sharing and celebrating the success stories of businesses founded or operating in Reading or Wokingham.

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Reading & Wokingham Local Team
    • Andy Cowie

      President, Reading & Wokingham Chamber of Commerce

    • Tracy-Ann Lee

      Account Manager

    • Sara Parris

      Corporate Account Manager

    • Narinder Multani

      Account Manager

    • Mary Moss

      Policy and Inward Investment Executive