MIB stories – Bucks New Uni Talk Apprenticeship Levy

Bucks New University Talk Apprenticeship Levy



‘If you don’t spend it, you’ll lose out’ – that was the message from business experts at Bucks New University’s recent apprenticeship event.

Industry and education experts joined together to unravel the new world of the levy, and higher and degree apprenticeships at Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden.

The apprenticeship levy, which was introduced in April last year, is paid by employers in any sector with a pay bill of more than £3 million per year.

Those employers can use their apprenticeship levy funds to access degree apprenticeships, from higher education providers like Bucks, to develop their workforce. With statistics released by the Department for Education showing that just over half of those paying into the levy have signed up to use it, the event focused on supporting businesses in building an apprenticeship strategy.

Guest speaker Mr Morton, from Grant Thornton UK LLP, said if employers don’t use their levy, their business will lose out, commenting: “Higher and degree apprenticeships open up opportunities for people for whom a traditional degree may not be right for them.”

Greta Paa-Kerner, Principal Lecturer & IMBA Course Leader at Bucks New University, also talked about the importance of developing staff, as well as developing technology.

“We cannot predict the effect that automation will have, but we can say with certainty that there will continue to be a need for effective leaders and managers and for organisations to remain relevant in a complex, volatile world. Bucks will work with employers on the structure and delivery of the course so that it works for them.”

Bucks New University, based in High Wycombe, is working with the public and private sector to provide a range of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships which provide a flexible route for employers to access the life-changing opportunities that higher education provides.