MIB stories – Urban Media

Urban Media’s 20 year celebration in the online
marketing and media industry


It’s not often you hear ‘online marketing company’ and ’20 year celebration’ in the same sentence, but that is exactly the case for Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce member Urban Media. Having started Urban Media almost half his life ago, founder Elton Boocock is still at the helm and is passionate about the local business community. When asked the secret to Urban Media’s success, he simply said ‘resilience’.

You get the sense with Elton that he plays many things down, but he is very clear that they employ a straight talking, transparent approach to customer relations and avoid the hype that often follows online marketing. He can afford to do that of course given that he started the business (from his kitchen table) before Google even sourced its funding. Urban Media have seen a lot of trends come and go in that time.

A visit today to the Urban Media offices means being welcomed into their converted barn style building and seated in their own ‘wine bar’, presented with a drinks menu! Even their board room table is based over the top of a pool table. Handy as they hold regular pool competitions with their business neighbours and it is a typically marketing ‘funky’ place to be. However it wasn’t always that way. Elton still talks vividly of hearing the news regarding Northern Rock whilst being on holiday and knowing they would need to cut their cloth accordingly. Maybe this is part of what he means by resilience.

Urban Media have come a long way from a Princes Trust Loan and building simple websites to a company that now builds ‘marketing’ websites and bespoke online systems alongside using search and social channels to promote their clients. They have a wide range of clients as you would expect, but the passion with which these clients talk about Urban Media probably plays a huge part of how they have succeeded for so long. They have focused on building a culture that resonates with the team and clients alike.