MIB Stories – Maximizer Software launch GDPR Compliance Programme

Maximizer Software and Bridewell Consulting launch GDPR Compliance Programme for SME customers


(Pictured above is Mike Richardson, Managing Director EMEA at Maximizer Software)


Maximizer Software, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provider, has partnered with Reading-based information security specialists Bridewell Consulting to launch a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance programme for customers, channel partners and other SMEs designed to help them understand their responsibilities and successfully embrace the new era of data protection.

Maximizer has been working with Bridewell over the last year to support its own compliance journey, both as a data controller and data processor. Following Bridewell’s guidance, it is putting measures in place to ensure that all personal data on employees, suppliers, customers, prospects and partners is GDPR compliant, and – as a Cloud software provider – that security within its data centres meets strict GDPR standards.

Based on this successful collaboration, the two Berkshire-based businesses have together created an affordable, 12-week step-by-step programme to steer SMEs through the key stages of GDPR compliance, starting with an in-depth risk assessment and data audit. It incorporates a comprehensive toolkit to structure and document the entire compliance process, detailed best-practice guidance notes, policy and procedures templates and 21 hours of expert consultancy.

Mike Richardson, Managing Director EMEA at Maximizer Software, comments: “The task of GDPR compliance can seem overwhelming and complex – it certainly seemed that way to us at the beginning. Bringing in a specialist consultant has proven invaluable, reassuring us that we’re covering all bases and adopting best practices that contribute not only to compliance but also to improved business efficiency and customer engagement.

“As a CRM provider, I believe that we have a responsibility to help our customers and channel partners achieve the highest possible standards of data management and I’m delighted that we can now offer them access to the type of staged compliance programme that we followed.

“Technology is only one element of GDPR compliance – and our company is the perfect illustration of this. Without taking steps to truly embed the values of data protection, transparency and accountability into your processes and culture, you are unlikely to achieve watertight compliance and you expose your business to the risk of fines and reputational damage – not to mention forgoing the opportunity to derive greater commercial value from your data.”

Anthony Young, Partner at Bridewell Consulting, comments: “It’s widely recognised that not every business will be fully GDPR compliant by the deadline of 25 May. The generally accepted view is that organisations which have set the wheels in motion already, and are able to demonstrate that they’re making reasonable progress toward achieving compliance, are less likely to be of interest to the Information Commissioner’s Office enforcement team.

“Our programme is ideally suited to SMEs who need support with applying the GDPR’s key principles, policies and procedures to their business. Together with Maximizer’s technology, this represents a compelling solution that satisfies the ‘technical and organisational measures’ called for by the regulation and will lead to stronger, more authentic customer and employee relationships based on trust and transparency.”

Maximizer and Bridewell are holding a live webinar – ‘Busting the GDPR Myths’ – on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at 4pm (BST). Register today to hear Anthony Young and Mike Richardson give their insights into the regulation, dispel some common misconceptions and answer your GDPR questions.