Egyptian-British Certificates of Origin



Egyptian applications are completed on UK Certificates of Origin.

You may wish to read the UK section first, as the same rules apply.

You can obtain a certificate of origin at one of our offices (Heathrow, Slough or Banbury) and applications can be made by post or in person. Legalisation usually takes around 3-4 days.


Frequently asked questions


What do I need to accompany my application?
You will need to supply an export invoice plus any proof of foreign origin (if applicable). One photocopy is required by the Embassy of each document you wish to be legalised. Payment is also required – please phone for a quotation.

What if I don’t want my documents to go to the Embassy?
We can certify an Egyptian certificate at your local office. To do this we require a Formal Undertaking signed by all relevant signatories in your company, and a Letter of indemnity. We do however recommend that you follow the correct channels.

The Formal Undertaking must show the company name and address. It must also show the name, position and a specimen signature of any employee who may be required to sign Certificates of Origin or other Export documentation requiring certification and/or Legalisation via the Chamber. Once completed a Director, Partner or Company Secretary must countersign the form.

The form must then be returned to the Chamber and is renewable on an annual basis.

PLEASE NOTE All documents presented to the Chamber must be signed by an employee listed on the signatory list.

I am a member of the Chamber. Can’t payment go to my account?
Unfortunately not, as we have to pay the Egyptian Chamber each night. A reduced rate is available to all members.