Arab-British Certificates of Origin

Arab-British Certificates of Origin

We are an authorised agent for the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and arrange for the certification and legalisation of all Arab documentation.

Arab-British Certificates of Origin are required to be used for exports to Arab League Countries.

The members of the Arab League are as follows:-

Algeria  Jordan  Mauritania  Saudi Arabia  Tunisia
Bahrain  Kuwait  Morocco  Somalia  UAE
Djibouti  Lebanon  Oman  Sudan  Yemen
Iraq  Libya  Qatar  Syria


The specific documentary requirements & fees for each country do differ so please contact the International Trade Team for assistance.

We offer an over the counter service at all International Trade Offices, a postal service or electronically via our Online Certificates System

How can I find out more about Arab Certificates of Origin?

To find out more about how to apply for an Arab-British Certificate of Origin please read the Frequently Asked Questions and Guide to Completion or contact us.