When you trade globally, your foreign currency exchange strategy should be one of your main considerations. The currency markets are constantly changing, and a seemingly small economic or political shift can impact exchange rates significantly, resulting in a big difference to your currency purchase.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Pure FX, a specialist currency service, so you can effectively manage your overseas business costs.

Expert currency traders have a number of contract options available to enable you to manage the timing of your business transfers to help you get the most from your currency exchange.

A forward contract for example allows you to lock in a rate of exchange for up to 12 months, reducing the risk of market fluctuations that could impact your transfer, so you can rest assured that your funds will be exchanged at the rate you agree.

Bringing earnings back into the UK from overseas is naturally more time sensitive than managing outbound payments, but with Pure FX you can rely on getting a competitive rate of exchange and maximising your earnings from abroad.

Get a quote to find out how Pure FX can assist your business, or sign up for an account and be ready to trade today.


Member Offer 

TVCC Members will be eligible for a preferential rate discount on this service.