UK Certificates of Origin

UK Certificates of Origin

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce is authorised by M Government to certify UK Certificates of Origin and authenticate associated documents such as invoices and packing lists.


Should a customer require their documents legalised by the Embassy, the Chamber is able to undertake the legalisation process, thus making it easier for the customer and saving them time.

How to apply?

Before the Chamber can process documents for any company, certain formalities must be completed to comply with Certificate of Origin Standard Rules and the following information must be lodged at the Chamber office:

A Formal Undertaking must be completed and signed by either, a Director, Company Secretary, Partner, Proprietor or person duly authorised to act on behalf of the company, together with a complete list of all company signatories authorised to sign documents on behalf of the company. It is also advisable to have more than one person to sign documents in case of sickness or holidays.

The Formal Undertaking must show the company name and address. It must also show the name, position and a specimen signature of any employee who may be required to sign Certificates of Origin or other export documentation requiring certification and/or Legalisation via the Chamber. Once completed a Director, Partner or Company Secretary must countersign the form.

The form must then be returned to the Chamber and is renewable on an annual basis.

Please note – All documents presented to the Chamber must be signed by an employee listed on the signatory list.

Please note – Documents with signatures of unauthorised persons cannot be accepted. It will be necessary to keep the Chamber informed of additions to and removal from the above listings.

Click here for a UK Certificate of Origin completion guide.

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