EUR-1 / EUR-MED Movements Certificates

EUR1 Movement Certificates

An EUR1 – movement certificate is used to claim preferential (reduced or even zero) rates of duty in the country of importation for some, but not all countries with whom the UK has a trade agreement.

For those agreements, where a EUR1 should be used to claim preference, the goods must fully meet the rules of origin set out in the agreement between the UK and the destination country and be accompanied by a correctly completed and endorsed EUR1.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce issue and endorse EUR1 forms on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs.

Click here for an up-to-date list of UK Trade Agreements with the Non-EU Countries.

Completion Guidance
When completing an EUR1 form it is advisable, the exporter or authorised agent consult a copy of the HM Revenue and Customs Guidance Note to ensure that the goods originate in accordance with origin rules.

Our Guide to Completion will also assist.

Agent Letter of Authority
If you are an agent applying for a EUR1 on the exporters behalf a Letter of Authority must also be obtained written authority from the exporter and submitted with the each EUR1 for processing. The wording for this can be found here – Agents Authority Letter and Distributors EUR1.


EUR-MED Certificates

EUR-MED Certificate can only be issued where a product has met all conditions for acquiring preferential origin under the Pan-Euro-Med cumulation arrangements.

In short, the product must not have acquired originating status on the basis of full cumulation; include materials which have been subject to drawback; or which have originated in a country within the zone which does not have a Free Trade Agreement with the final country of manufacture or country of destination.

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