Certificates of Origin for Egypt

Certificates of Origin for Egypt

Egyptian applications are completed on UK Certificates of Origin.

You may wish to read the UK section first, as the same rules apply.

The certificate of origin can be obtained by contacting the Chamber Trade team or can be applied for online via our online documentation portal, eCert.

If certification and legalisation is required via the Egyptian British Chamber and the Embassy this will normally take up to 7 days.

What is needed to accompany the certificate

You will need to supply an export invoice plus any proof of foreign origin (if applicable). One photocopy is required by the Embassy of each document you wish to be legalised.

Payment will be also required with application, whether your business is a members or not. Members do however receive preferential rate.

What if you do not want your documents to be legalised

Thames Valley Chamber can certify a UK certificate of origin for Egypt but require a and a Egypt Letter of indemnity. Please note: We do however recommend that you follow the correct channels.

What need to be completed and supplied when applying

The certificate of origin must be completed in accordance with the UK Certificate of Origin guides available here.

Trade Team Contact Details:

Tel: 01753 870560
Email: export@tvchamber.co.uk

Tel: 0208 564 6300
Email: heathrow@tvchamber.co.uk

Tel: 01295 275400
Email: banbury@tvchamber.co.uk