ATR Movement Certificates

ATR Movement Certificates

The ATR – Movement Certificate is used to claim preferential (reduced or even zero) rates of duty for goods moved between the European Community and Turkey.

Although, ATR have a similar function to EUR1 there is one major difference – the goods do not have to be of EU origin to attract a zero rate of duty, only in free circulation in the EU (all duties and taxes paid into the EU).

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group are now issuing and endorsing ATR forms on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs – Authority letter for Agents and Distributors ATR.

When completing an ATR form it is advisable, the exporter or authorised agent consult a copy of the HM Revenue and Customs Notices 812, which provides information on how the export preference system with Turkey works.

To find out more about ATR please read our Guide to Completion below or contact us.

Guide to Completion

Guidance on completing ATR Goods Movement Certificates.

The applicant should have read a copy of the HM Revenue & Customs Notices 812 before submitting documents for certification.

The ATR Movement Certificate should only be completed for exports to Turkey of industrial products, which are of EC origin or are in free circulation. NB Goods relived from duty, for example under Inward Processing Relief or End Use, are not in free circulation.

The Certificate should be completed in typescript whenever possible. In exceptional circumstances where certificates are completed by hand, they will only be accepted by the certification staff if they are clearly written using BLOCK letters.

The Certificate should always be provided with the exporter’s invoice, confirmation the goods are in free circulation plus other relevant back-up information as required.
The documents submitted must not contain erasures or superimposed corrections. Alterations may only be made by crossing out entries as necessary. Any such alterations must be initialled by the person making them and will be authenticated by Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group.

Submission of Documents

When documents are submitted to the Chamber for Certification, the minimum requirements are:
1. Original ATR Certificate (page 1/2 – returned to exporter)
2. Application ATR Certificate (page 3 – retained by the Chamber)
3. Copy Invoice (with original signature – retained by the Chamber)
4. A copy of the ATR Exporter Statement / NES or C88