Arab-British Certificates of Origin FAQ’s & Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I obtain Arab Certificates of Origin? 
At our office in Heathrow, or our head office at Edinburgh Avenue, Slough.

Can I send my documents by post?
Yes. Your documents must be accompanied by a cheque made payable to the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We will also require written instructions stating what you want done with your document.

How long will it take?
Arab documentation will take 48 hours for certification only, and a further 4 to 5 days for legalisation. Some embassies can take up to 7 working days to legalise your documents.

What is the cost?
Fees vary depending on the country requirements. The International Trade Team will provide you with full costings.

Do you require copies of the documents?
Yes, we need the original (if applicable) plus 2 copies. Some countries require extra photocopies.

Do the Certificates of Origin have to be signed by the company?
Yes. Please sign the blue control copy and green application copy and enter your company stamp if applicable.

Can I have an EC Certificate with an Arab destination?
Yes, as long as you sign an indemnity declaration on your company headed paper ‘Letter of Indemnity’:
Download Here. *Please note that the use of an EC doc for Arab destinations can mean refusal by customs in any one of the Arab destinations.

Do I have to show the manufacturers name/s and address/es on the front of the Arab Certificate of Origin?
Yes. The name and address should be prefixed with ‘manufactured by’.

Do I have to include weights an my Certificates of Origin?
Yes it can be net or gross or both.

Can I get extra copies of the certificates certified and/or legalised?
Yes, but you need to buy them from your nearest office and have them issued at the same time as the originals.

Do all embassies have different fees for legalisation?
Yes and different rules as well. If you want more information on a relevant country please contact us.


Guide To Completion

These guidance notes are a generalisation of the rules. If further assistance is required please contact the International Trade Team at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group – Heathrow, Banbury or Slough.

  • The Certificate should be completed in typescript, each copy identical to the others. In exceptional circumstances where the certificates are completed by hand, they will only be accepted by the certification staff if they are clearly written using BLOCK letters.
  • Certification will not be carried out unless the complete three-part set is submitted.
  • The forms as supplied consist of the Certificate, which will be returned certified if the application is in order, the control copy printed in black on green paper, which will be returned uncertified for the exporters own use, and the application on blue paper which will be retained by ourselves. If further certified copies are needed forms printed in green on white may be purchased and used as required.
  • The documents submitted must not contain erasures or superimposed corrections. Alterations may only be made by crossing out entries as necessary. Any such alterations must be initialled by the person making them and will be authenticated by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group & the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. The expressions ‘said to contain’ (STC) or ‘approximately’ are not permitted.
  • A horizontal line must be drawn immediately below the final entry in Box 6 to prevent subsequent additions.

Click here for a guide to completion.