Understanding Export

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Why this course?

If you need to understand the total flow of export work, from receipt of the enquiry to successful delivery of goods and payment, this is the course for you.
It explains the internal functions in the exporting company, the support network available to help, along with the full export process, including basic mechanics and terminology.
At the end of the course you will be equipped to set up a good export deal.

Who is it for?

Ideal for beginners, this course will also help more experienced exporters understand the whole export process.

What does it cover?

• Why and what do we export?
• Direct and Indirect Export
• The Use of Distribution and Commission Agents
• Logistics and The Role of the Freight Forwarder
• Evaluation of Export Orders
• Terms of Delivery: The Incoterms® Rules
• Introduction to Cargo Insurance
• An Introduction to Export Finance
• Letters of Credit and Bills of Exchange
• Internal Export Documentation
• Consignment and Transport Export Documentation
• The Role of Customs
• Customs Documentation
• EC Documentation
• Rest of the World Documentation

Benefits and outcome:

Following the export training course, delegates should be able to:
• Establish a successful exporting relationship with a freight forwarder
• Evaluate an export order
• Select the most appropriate Incoterm® Rule
• Arrange appropriate marine insurance
• Understand the basis of export payments
• Identify and collate the documents required
• Understand the role of customs

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