Staying 'data safe' in the new world - Webinar

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Staying ’data safe’ in the new world

The majority of workforces were forced away from offices at short notice in 2020, and whilst it was a challenging exercise, most businesses were successful in enabling collaborative work from home with many reporting positive improvements in user productivity.

On the flip side however, organisations face a new challenge around data security and how their users are accessing, handling, or disposing of sensitive data outside of the office.

Although workforces are starting to return to the office, many plan to mix office time with work from home for the foreseeable future. Businesses must adapt to a widespread hybrid working model, but existing information security controls and processes are unlikely to have been designed and communicated effectively for the unmanaged environments remote workers choose to use.

This presents organisations with an increased threat that will require new policies, cultural changes, and consider future strategies that will help them maintain security assurances.


Peter Berry

Jamie Swan

Darran Clarke

Gavin Smith

Why you should attend

Regulatory and public bodies responsible for data protection and have shown sympathy to businesses during this time of disruption, but there are signs that they will soon start to clamp down on those that are in breach. Cyber criminals have not shown the same empathy, and are looking to gain financially by exploiting the easy opportunities that the disruption has presented.

Whilst of little direct financial value to many businesses, personal data records can generate high returns for bad actors following a successful breach, and the costs incurred by the victim organisation through reputational damage and fines from regulatory bodies will severely impact or cripple the business.

What will you learn

  • Understand the value sensitive data presents and why it should be protected
  • Employer guidance to help employees adhere to better security practices
  • How to adapt policies and procedures to ensure compliance in the new environment
  • How technology contributes to user awareness and protection

 About Accelerate Technologies and Beacon Consultant Services.

Delivering Cyber Resilience solutions and services, Accelerate have teamed up with Beacon Consultants to offer end to end consultancy and support in the areas of data privacy, information security and regulatory compliance.



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