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Romania and Manufacturing – focus on Automotive

Romania is home to 2 car manufacturers and many tier 1 and 2 suppliers, producing 420,755 cars in 2021.  There is a great deal of expertise on offer, with a highly qualified workforce and a high concentration of manufacturers within industrial parks. 

Our speakers for this event will focus on this highly valued sector and the trade and investment opportunities available.

Investment Opportunities Trade Opportunities
  • OEM car parts production for UK vehicle manufacturers – a highly qualified workforce, with a concentration of manufacturers in industrial parks
  • Production of aftermarket car parts taking advantage of the competitive production costs in Romania
  • EV charging stations network
  • Battery production unit for electric cars
  • Assembly unit for hydrogen vehicles
  • Electric and electronic systems, tires, car seats, steering wheels, or plastic & rubber components (wide range of opportunities for Tier 1-3 British suppliers)
  • Components for EV cars (incipient market in Romania) and hydrogen vehicles
  • Equipment, software and consulting services for EV charging stations (UK export)




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