Remote working - collaboration. The security do’s and don’ts

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Remote working – collaboration. The security do’s and don’ts

’Covid 19 has undoubtedly forced businesses to quickly adapt to the economic changes overnight and are finding themselves having to work smarter, more securely and optimise overall cost expenditure while continuing to maximise business value.

Remote working is rapidly becoming the norm for millions. As businesses begin to rebuild and restart for some it will become the dawn of a new flexible working culture.

IT has empowered the deployment of remote working solutions across organisations whether they are big or small, Security has and will constantly be a challenge with often complex dispersed organisational infrastructures that deals with sensitive and confidential information of which are a Cyber criminals delight as we have seen well documented and broadcasted across multiple media channels this year.

So how do you and your business keep your sensitive and confidential information secure from such imposters?

In this webinar we will focus on key Cyber Security best practices that require business and end user consideration and attention. We will attempt to showcase Cyber Security solutions to keep both you and your business safe and one step ahead of Cyber crime.


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