Preferential Rules of Origin/Customs Procedures & Documents

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Please note: this module covers two topics and therefore two assessments.

Why this course?

The course will consider the impact of the latest UK Customs Procedures as they have evolved under the Union Customs Code on both importers and exporters. It will outline the duties and taxes currently payable on entry of goods into the UK and the bases of calculation, and also the need to produce a proof of removal for VAT reconciliation.
The course will also briefly consider some of the duty relief regimes currently available.

International traders must be aware of the need for accurate customs entries and we will look at the critical information required, including Commodity, Tariff and Customs Procedure Codes.

There will be a detailed examination of the current preference and non preference rules of origin and their implications for importers and exporters. A brief consideration will be given to the benefits of customs compliance

Who is it for?

The course is appropriate for anyone who wishes to understand the mysterious world of Customs, Excise and VAT as it affects the international trader.

What does it cover?

• World Trade Organisation Rules
• Role of HMRC
• EU and Rest of World Trading
• Duties and VAT
• Duty Relief Regimes
• Export and Import Declaration Entries
• Classification of Goods
• Customs Procedures Codes
• Origin and Preference

Benefits and outcome:

The course will help you meet your legal obligations, consequently allowing you to gain preferential treatment from Customs. Knowledgeable traders pay everything they have to, and nothing they don’t, taking advantage of systems which will allow them to reduce their prices, or increase their profits.

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