Partnering Romania for Food Beverage & Agricultural products

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Partnering Romania for Food, Beverage and Agricultural products

Romania remains the EU’s largest grain exporter, exporting 1 million tons of cereals in 2021. There are a vast range of investment opportunities available, which include processing plants and organic farming.  

Join us to hear from experts in this field who will further outline these, as well as the import and export opportunities. 

Investment opportunities

  • Processing plants for the exploitation of high quality local natural resources (+ organic): fruits, vegetables, meat, wild flora. The infusion of technology will lead to a more efficient use of natural resources. Examples of products that can be made in Romania that are in high demand in the UK include canned food, frozen vegetables and fruits, chocolate, meat and meat products (sheep / goat, beef, poultry), ready-to-eat food and plant based food products.
  • Production of tertiary products from agricultural crops (wheat, corn, oats, rye).  Examples of products that can be made in Romania that are in high demand in the UK include pastry and frozen pastry products, biscuits, bars, granola and cakes.
  • Production of mineral water and other derived beverages.  Romania holds over 60% of Europe’s mineral water resources.
  • Facilities for the collection, storage and primary processing of agricultural products.
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods distribution HUBs for the EU market.
  • Organic farming.
Import opportunities   Export opportunities
  • Processed agricultural products (brands or white label), meat (chicken, beef, lamb)
  • Mineral Water and derived products
  • Organic products, honey
  • Wine – particularly local varieties
  • Wild flora products (wild berries & mushrooms)
  • Smart irrigation solutions for agriculture
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment (collecting, storage and processing)
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Agri-tech/ High-tech precision farming/ low carbon emissions solutions & consulting
  • Spirits

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