Organisations’ in a Crisis - Navigating the storm - Webinar

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Organisations’ in a Crisis – Navigating the storm

Modern organisations succeed through teams and team working. The reality is that team performance and effectiveness are the earliest casualties in a crisis. This webinar will:

• Let you understand the psychology of your teams during periods of crisis
– The five ways stress affects teams
– A framework for stress/performance dependency

• Show ways you can develop resilience in your teams
– Four dimensions model for developing team toughness and resilience
– Understanding different individual behaviours during crisis

• Provide practical solutions – what you, as business leader can do to enhance performance and well-being


Murray Eldridge, Director, Actinium CS 

Murray has led significant sized commercial B2B organisations (£25m to £1bn) and has been a member of ‘top teams’ since 1986 in multiple sectors that include: oil & gas, telecoms, water desalination and maritime industries. Experience has been in both established companies and start-ups with extensive involvement in joint ventures, alliances and consortiums.

In addition to his considerable, real life experience, Murray has enhanced his practical knowledge through his work with leading, international business institutions and university business schools. This has ensured he remains current with the latest, relevant, business theory and thinking with particular expertise in strategy, governance (especially around ESG matters), leadership and decision making.

Eva Eldridge, Director, Actinium CS

In the last 20 years, Eva has worked in a transitions & change context, cancer patients palliative care and group learning systems. She combines her professional experience with deep neuroscientific and psychological expertise in order to enable advanced people development, transformational self-understanding and enhanced resilience. Her clients describe her work as replete with honesty, warmth, depth and insight.



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