Menopause in the workplace – just another policy?

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Menopause in the workplace – just another policy or a true culture change?


Theresa Winters, Senior HR Manager Employee Experience Proposition, Santander UK plc Amantha King, Development Consultant and Menopause Coach Andrew Thurman-Pickett, Audit Senior Manager, PwC UK


Following on from our previous webinar Is the Menopause really a Business Issue we are delighted to take the subject to the next level – how do you actually deliver a meaningful menopause culture in your organisation?  It really isn’t just about putting another HR policy in place or a tick box exercise.

We are delighted to welcome Theresa Winters from Santander as our guest speaker.  Theresa will take us through her journey  to get this subject at the top of their culture agenda and removing the barriers of ageism and gender.  Theresa will not shy away from talking about the challenges they faced along the way.  She wants people to have a reality that reflects how complex a topic it is but how manageable it is too for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Please join us for the next phase of our journey to keep ‘Menopause in the Workplace’ at the top of the cultural agenda and get rid of the stigma for good.

David Saab, Mental Wellbeing Champion for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce will introduce our facilitator and menopause expert Amantha King who together with Theresa will take us through Santander’s menopause journey.

We are delighted to welcome Andrew Thurman-Pickett who will facilitate the Q&A session. Please submit any questions in advance when you register.

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