Export Documentation

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Why this course?

Export Documentation problems will often lead to delays in getting goods to customers, increased costs and charges, and a breakdown of goodwill between seller and buyer. Changes to regulations and requirements often pass unnoticed or are misunderstood.

HM Revenue and Customs require exporters to demonstrate documentary compliance with security and customs regimes, even if they choose to outsource the shipping function to agents or forwarders or delegate logistics to the buyer under ex-works terms or similar. Non compliance risks delay in the supply chain and the possibility of financial penalty. Customs organisations globally are increasingly offering simplified border procedures for those compliant organisations.
This export training course will address all these issues and more. It will examine all aspects of export documentation from first enquiry to arrival of the goods at destination and will seek to establish best practice, emphasising the need for a clear and coherent audit trail for each shipment to ensure customs compliance.

Who is it for?

Sales, commercial and finance people all need to understand the vital role that documents play in the export game. This course helps both newcomers and the more experienced to unravel the apparent mysteries of documents.

What does it cover?

• Introduction- Background, context and current developments
• Export Controls – Background, development and documentary compliance requirements
• Destination Country Requirements- Illustrated with current examples
• Financial Documentation – Insurance certificates, bank requirements for documentary settlement
• Customs Compliance – Security initiatives, Authorised Economic Operator, commodity codes, customs procedure codes
• Internal Documentation – Audit trail, sales contracts, customs requirements, proof of export, invoices, packing lists, shipping instructions, pre-shipment inspections
• Consignment Documentation – Shipping notes, bills of lading, waybills, express bills, air waybills, road/rail consignment notes
• Customs Documentation – European/arab certificates of origin, EUR1, invoice declarations, community transit, intrastat, NES export declarations

Benefits and outcome

You will understand the importance and function of the main export documents and improve the selection and distribution of the paperwork in your organisation. The outcome will be improved export success, smoother movement of goods through Customs and effective payment.

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