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Topic: National Security
Speakers: Anthony Glees, Professor, University of Buckingham
Alexis Long, Head of Security Intelligence, London Heathrow Airport
James Gray,MP North Wiltshire


With national security a hot topic the Chamber has invited three key experts to provide an overview of the latest challenges being faced by those charged with keeping the UK safe.

This important Business Leaders’ Forum will not only review the role of security intelligence at Heathrow, the world’s second busiest airport, but also consider the current defence budget and whether foreign investment has resulted in Britain compromising its national security.


Professor Anthony Glees, University of Buckingham

Is Britain so obsessed with attracting foreign investment that our national security is being compromised?

Professor Anthony Glees will talk about cyber security and intelligence issues related in particular to the use of social media and explore the implications of a recent global switch in London to a foreign investor that effectively releases vast amounts of highly sensitive data.

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Alexis Long, Head of Security Intelligence Department, London Heathrow Airport

How does the role of intelligence aid Heathrow Security in ensuring the safety of the airport against a diverse range of threats?

He will share how, acting as both a recipient and generator of intelligence contributes to both Heathrow security and national security.

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James Gray, MP North Wiltshire

He is a member of NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy, Founder and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Armed Forces.

Is the nation’s defence budget being spent where it ought?

With his impressive credentials, James will talk about where spending goes in protecting the nation against security threats and share his views on whether it is going to the right places.

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This event will be run as a business forum with the speakers forming a debating panel with audience participation.

A light lunch will be provided.



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