An introduction to Employee Ownership Trusts

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Gerry Young, Executive Director at RVE Corporate Finance
Tom Lethaby, Business Development Director at RVE Corporate Finance

Employee Owned companies now represent over 5% of UK GDP and the sector is growing fast. Since 2014 a sale of a company to its staff through use of an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) has been supported by HMRC with an exemption from Capital Gains Tax for the vendor shareholders, which has contributed to over 700 companies making the switch.

In the first quarter of 2021 over 5% of all business sales were made to Employee Ownership Trusts and RVE believe that it is an exit route that all SME business owners should consider.

RVE specialises in advising on EOT transactions and offers a full in-house service from inception to completion. RVE has completed deals ranging in value from £1m through to the largest EOT deal ever completed at £275m.

RVE’s talk will cover the requirements and outline process for a successful EOT transaction and what it means for business owners, their companies and staff.


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