Agents and Distributors

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Why this course?

This export training course deals with the vital area of International Agency and Distribution. It examines the differences between Agents and Distributors and when and where the use of each would be appropriate. The seminar will also discuss methods of finding, appointing and motivating agents and distributors and examines the relevant aspects of EU Law of Agency.

Who is it for?

Senior management, company directors and all staff who are seeking to appoint agents and distributors or who are responsible for the management of them.

What does it cover?

*Different types of agents and their roles
*The roles of distributors
*How to find agents and distributors
*What to look for -The Three Stages
*Sources of Help, checklists and assessments
*Legal issues- The EU Commercial Agents Directive and implications
*EU Competition Law
*Motivation of Agents and Distributors
*Cultural Issues
*Changing an agent or distributor
*Costs and compensation problems
*Minimising legal costs
*Sample agreements
*The Memorandum of Understanding

Benefits and outcome:

• Decide when to use an agent or distributor in the context of internationalisation options
• Relate the concepts of agency and distributorships, the types and roles involved with each, to their strategy.
• Undertake an effective process to find and appoint agents and distributors.
• Work within the constraints of UK Law on Agency, The EU Commercial Agents Regulations and Competition Law.
• Establish effective working relations with Agents and Distributors.
• Create an effective legal framework for the appointment, management and termination of an agent or distributor

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