Business Manifesto Advisory Group (BMAG)

The Business Manifesto Advisory Group (BMAG) acts as a scrutiny and review body, overseeing progress on the delivery of the Chamber’s annual Business Manifesto.

Chaired by an established and leading figure from business, the BMAG meets three times a year with agendas themed around the Business Manifesto’s main priorities. Reflecting on these and the wider issues affecting the Thames Valley and the prevailing political landscape, the BMAG continues to attract senior figures, Government representatives and business leaders as speakers and contributors.

Upcoming Dates:

14th July, 14:30-16:30: Diversity and Inclusion 

Keynote Speaker:

Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE, President of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).  Ruby also chaired the independent review “Race in the workplace: The McGregor-Smith Review”  which considers the issues affecting black and minority ethnic groups in the workplace. 

Panel Discussion:

Following the keynote address, we will move to a panel discussion. We are delighted to welcome Aduke Onafowokan of Inclusivitii, Chico Chakravorty of Doing Diversity Differently, Roland White of Microsoft InternationalDr Ram Raghavan of COMPAIRA, and Sheri Hughes of PageGroup as our panellists.

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20th October, 14:30-16:30: Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals

Keynote Speaker: 

Ed Hawkins, Professor of Climate Science, University of Reading.

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The most recent BMAG, chaired by Chris Parker, TVCC Associate and former Director – Legal and Corporate Affairs, Microsoft, took place on 21st April, on the theme of EU Exit Transition.

We were delighted to welcome Keynote Speakers Caroline Turnbull-Hall, Director, PwC, who gave a presentation on PwC’s recent publication, “UK Trade: The New Agenda: Time for the UK to recast, reset and rework”  and offered perspectives relevant to our Thames Valley region / regional economy, and Liam Smyth, Director of Trade Facilitation at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). Liam provided an insight into UK Trade figures; what Government didn’t know, and they know now; Where the challenges remain and opportunities are, and the ‘truths’ about doing business.

Next Steps / Our businesses raised the need for:

  • Government need to match action to their policies and raise awareness on how we can resolve on the ground issues with direct strategic advice e.g. trade delays.
  • We need to create frictionless trade with the EU, at the moment there are too many issues and delays which are preventing businesses from actually having a chance at surviving.
  • We need to play to the UK strengths for trade and investment e.g. Thames Valley and technology to drive forward investment and business opportunities following these new trends.

Additional Resources

To learn more about the BMAG and its work, please contact Jess Harrison, Policy and Project Executive.