Alexis Long – Biography

Alexis Long

Head of Security Intelligence Department, London Heathrow Airport


Alexis Long is Head of the Security Intelligence Department at Heathrow Airport.  The core role of the intelligence department is to aid Heathrow Security in ensuring the airport is safe and secure against a diverse range of threats by contributing to the intelligence picture. Intelligence represents Heathrow’s interests externally to the wider security and intelligence community, acting as both a recipient and generator of intelligence packages to aid Heathrow Security and contribute to wider national security matters. The department consists of joint government and airport representatives and  manages all government security and law enforcement liaison at the airport including the £36+million Heathrow counter terrorism policing budget.

He is the former chairman of the IATA / ACI Global Smart Security Management Group and a current member of the UK National Aviation Security Executive Committee.

Prior to joining Heathrow, Alexis worked in number of counter terrorism policy and operational roles both in the UK and overseas, including Private Secretary to the Minister for Security, Policing and Counter Terrorism. He remains an advisor to the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit, specialising in national security matters.


Business Leaders’ Forum: Tuesday 17th April 2018

Alexis Long will discuss National Security at this Business Leaders’ Forum.

How does the role of intelligence aid Heathrow Security in ensuring the safety of the airport against a diverse range of threats?

He will share how, acting as both a recipient and generator of intelligence contributes to both Heathrow security and national security.

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