Micro Business Membership

Micro Business Membership

Micro Membership


Thames Valley Chamber has launched a new Micro membership category for entrepreneurs and businesses of 1-4 employees. This new membership tier recognises that the support, behaviours, aspirations and expectations of organisations of 1-4 employees are different to that of larger businesses in the SME sector.

The aim is to engage the micro business community through a campaign led approach and integrating international trade services into the value proposition.

Micro membership provides a bespoke offer for businesses of 1-4 employees, encompassing the relevant benefits of the Essential tier and account management in combination with new unique products and services. The membership is supported by digital infrastructure and an interactive online experience, together with a dedicated account management service, aligned to the unique needs of micro businesses.

Benefit / Service
Dedicated Account Manager
Legal Support
Chamber Legal Advice and Expenses
Marketing Opportunities
Business Voice editorial opportunities (SME Supplement)
Member to Member Offers
Social Media opportunities
Online Directory entry
Meet Businesses
Chamber Networking Events
Annual Micro Membership event Exclusive
Advice & Support
Online resources – Templates – various Business Plan Template,
Marketing Plan Template, Digital Marketing Strategy,
Email Marketing, Understanding HMRC, VAT etc
Business Advice Meetings
Marketing Data – Marketscan Members discount – 20%
Training & Development – E-Careers online training Members discount
Microsoft 365 Members discount
Micro Global Membership Upgrade £150.00


More details on the Chamber’s Benefits and Services can be found here